Clinical Administration

Clinic Administration Staff

Clara Cordero

Technical Offsite Supervisor

Jessica Cowell

Technical Supervisor Weekends

Denise Del Rio

Manager, Diagnostic Imaging

Gerald Encinias

Manager, Ultrasound​

Mackenzie Harris

Business Manager, Radiology

Mohamed Izady

Dev Ops Program Manager

Mary Lim

Technical Offsite Supervisor

Monica Llanes

Admin Assistant to the Director & Imaging Services

Tim Mak

Informatics Manager

Elad Nevo

Asst Manager, Operations​ (CT, MR, NM, PET)

Becki Perkins

RIS Manager

Zach Seow

Director of Radiology Operations, IS, & Strategy

Monica Sinha

Asst. Patient Care Manager, Radiology Nursing

Detra Sledge

Assistant Clerical Manager

Leigh Smith

Manager, Operations (CT, MR, NM, PET)

Stephanie Torres

Patient Care Manager, Radiology Nursing

Karena Villa

Project Manager, Radiology

Cedric Wilson

Executive Director, Imaging & Diagnostic Services