Medical Professionals

For Referring Physicians

Our team has developed a number of resources to ensure a seamless referring experience for our referring health care providers.

To refer a patient please download and complete the radiology referral form. Click Here

  1. Please fax a completed radiology referral form to us at (650) 724-2663 to schedule an exam
  2. We will call the patient’s family as soon as we receive the form from your office.
  3. One of our radiologists will review the form. If our attending radiologists believe a different exam would have a clinical or safety advantage, we will contact your office, if necessary.
  4. We will call the patient’s family to schedule an appointment.

For physicians with access to EPIC, you can access patient information and make referrals online.

Our MD Portal website allows you to:

  • Submit a referral online and see the status of the referral (pending/scheduled). You can view the date and time of your patient’s appointment once it is scheduled.
  • View radiology reports (draft and final copies).
  • View radiology images (only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7 on a PC).
  • View other patient and clinical information.


Please call (650) 497-8376 to consult with a radiologist. Our physicians are accessible and happy to assist you with:

  • Questions regarding specific patient radiology interpretations.
  • General questions concerning the most effective imaging modality to properly diagnose your patient